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16th Century Latin Transcript Example
 extract (lines 1-8) from transcript of document dated 31st July 1531, in the PCC copy Will register at the UK National Archives,
relating to the Will of Sir Thomas Blenerhasset (Blennerhassett), Knight, of Frenze, Co.Norfolk, England
(died 27th June 1531, Will proved between 27th July & 1st August 1532)
transcription and translation
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1.  Reverendissimo in xpo (Christo) Patri et d[omi]no d[omi]no Willimo p[er]missione divina Cantuarie[nsis]

     Most Reverend in Christ, Father and lord, master William, (by) divine permission, of Canterbury
2.  Archiep[iscop]o tocius Anglie Primati et Ap[osto]lice sedis Legat[us] vice[m] ne prerogative Com[m]issario cuicunq[ue]
     the Archbishop, Primate of all England and Legate of the Apostolic seat (i.e. the Holy See), and for whose office, truly, the prerogative Commissary,
3.  Vester humilis et Devotus obedientie filius Milo Spencer utriusq[ue] iuris Doctor vester ad infrascrip[-]
     your humble and Devoted obedient son Miles Spencer, and Doctor of both laws (i.e. Canon & Civil), to your below-written
4.  ta Comissarius sufficienter et l[egi]time deputatus obedientiam et reverentiam tanto Reverendissimo
     Commissary, sufficiently and lawfully the deputy, of so great obedience and reverence, Most Reverend
5.  P[at]ri debitas cum omni[um] humillime subiectionis honore Paternitatem v[est]ram Reverendissimam
     Father, being indebted with all humble submission (&) honouring your Most Reverend Fatherly care
6.  antedictam p[rese]ntium tenore certificamus  Q[uo]d Die lune viz ultimo die mens[is] Julij Anno d[omi]ni
     aforesaid, by the tenor of these presents, we certify that Monday viz. the last day of the month of July in the Year of our lord 
7.  Mill[es]imo quingen[tesi]mo tricesimo p[ri]mo indictione* quarta Pontificatus Sanctissimi in xpo (Christo)
               ^p[at]ris et d[omi]ni n[ost]ri d[omi]ni Cleme[n]t[i]s d[i]v[i]na providen[tia] huius no[m]i[ni]s pape
     one thousand five hundred (&) thirty one (& in) the fourth indiction* of the Most Holy Pontificate in Christ,
               ^our father and lord, master Clement (by) divine providence the seventh Pope of that name,
8.  Septimi Anno Octavo coram nobis Milone Spencer anted[i]co in Eccl[es]ia p[ar]ochiale de Ocley
     (being in) the eighth year (of his reign), in the presence of us, Miles Spencer aforesaid, in the parish church of Ocley
     * Line 7 - The indictione was a period of fifteen years, used in chronological calculations.

original document copyright © The National Archives (PRO) - Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC)
Recorded as: Will of Thomas Blanerhasset of Frense, Norfolk July 1532
PCC Probate Register: Thower,  quire: 17,  folio 125 - National Archives catalogue ref: PROB/11/24, Documents Online image ref: 231/172


copyright © Transcription Services Ltd 2008-2018