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reading the unreadable

Transcription of old documents written in English of any period is charged at £20 per hour, with a minimum charge of £20.
Quotes for the cost of transcription are based on the length of the document and perceived difficulty of transcription (handwriting, condition of document and clarity of image provided).
Deciphering, transcription and translation into English of old documents written in Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, German or Dutch of any period is charged at £30 per hour, with a minimum charge of £30.
office help

General digital or audio typing is charged at £15 per transcription hour, with one hour of audio taking up to four hours to transcribe.
Copy typing is £10 per 1000 words. Data Entry, Mail Shots and similar tasks are £15 per hour.
Rates to be agreed before commencement of work.
Monthly Retainer Packages may be arranged.
reviewing your work

English language Proof-reading has a minimum charge of £30 for up to 15,000 words, plus £10 for each additional 5,000 words or part thereof.
transcribing audio

Legal & other audio transcription charges vary according to the nature of the task, its clarity and complexity.
For court transcripts and other Legal audio transcription work, Transcription Services Ltd charges by the Legal folio* of 80 words, at £1.30 per folio*.
This tends to work out in the region of £150 per recorded hour.
Where there is a paper copy requirement, consumables (e.g. paper, envelopes, packaging, printer ink, postage) may be charged for in addition to the price quoted.
When sending mail to the Isle of Man, postage rates to the UK apply.
To discuss individual requirements and obtain an estimate of overall cost, or if you have questions, please Contact Us. 
TSL Gift Vouchers (to any value in multiples of £5 or $5) may be used as payment or part-payment for any TSL service.

Quotes for the cost of transcription or translation are based on the length and perceived difficulty of each document, so before we can provide a quote we need to see an image of each document.

You will appreciate that the time taken to transcribe a document depends on the style of script, the condition of the original document and the clarity/resolution of images provided. We therefore ask you to send with your enquiry, as email attachments, a digital photograph, scanned image or PDF image of each document page to be transcribed. For multi-page documents such as diaries, journals or letters a few sample pages may suffice.

Digital photographs or scans (e.g. JPEG images) are preferred to PDF images because with these we may be able to digitally enhance difficult parts of the document, but we will of course accept PDF images if nothing better is available.

Please do not send any unique original document to TSL.

After examining your documents in detail we will supply a quote for transcription and/or translation.

Please attach to each document a brief description, including:
        - name & location of the archive in which the original document is held, with archive document description and reference number.
        - a list of family names and place names believed to be associated with the document.
Legal transcripts are delivered as printed hard copy or PDF files.
Transcripts or other types of work can be delivered as PDF or Microsoft®Word files,
in a format agreed with the client, sent by email or on CD, or as printed paper hard copy.
File Formats...  
PDF   (Portable Document Format - filename extension .pdf ) is an industry standard document format of Adobe Systems®.
TIFF  (Tagged Image File Format - filename extension .tif or .tiff ) is the standard file format for printing and publishing.
JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group - filename extension .jpg or .jpeg ) is a commonly used method off digital file compression,
                                                   popular because a file in JPEG format is of significantly smaller size than an equivalent TIFF file.

How to pay... 
Please note that Transcription Services Ltd is not registered for VAT.
Charges shown above are in pounds sterling (UK £) but for overseas clients we will on request quote in other currencies.
Our preferred method of payment is using the secure  click here to Sign Up with PayPal service.

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TSL Reference:
Clients with outstanding invoices choosing to pay by click here to Sign Up with PayPal are requested to direct their payments to the TSL email address supplied by us, quoting their name and the appropriate Transcription Services Ltd invoice number.







* The number of words in a Legal folio is different in different countries, e.g.
Isle of Man
= 80 words
= 72 words (for law proceedings) or 90 words (in chancery)
= 100 words

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