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Pedigree from "A History of Suffolk" by Rev. A.I. Suckling 1846-8 
Family History 
Our genealogists provide a Family History Research Service for clients with ancestors originating in England, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey) and France.
Do you
          - want to discover and document your family history, but lack time & resources?
          - need to locate and copy original records held in archives or libraries?
          - reside too far from such sources to justify the time and expense of performing your own research?
          - require assistance with your own on-going research?
          - need to have your own research documented in a professional manner?
Genealogical research requires access to a variety of original or copy records such as registers of birth, baptism, marriage, death & burial; census returns; Wills, sentences, inquisition post mortem and other probate documents; employment, military, legal & financial records; deeds, indentures & rolls. Obtaining such documents will often require visits to a church, library, local record office or national Archive, where original manuscripts or microfilm/microfiche copies may be viewed and copied, prior to being transcribed.
This aspect of genealogy is undoubtedly enjoyable, but to do this work yourself can be time consuming and expensive in travel & accommodation expences, especially if you reside outside the United Kingdom.
Transcription Services Ltd offers family history research provided by reliable and experienced genealogists. Provide us with an outline description of the research to be carried out, listing documentation you already possess. We will provide an initial estimate of costs to undertake the work - locating source documents, visiting or corresponding with record offices, making searches, drawing pedigrees and documenting results.  We will not exceed our estimate without your prior agreement.
If you would like further information, please Contact Us outlining your requirements.

(Pedigree Charts)
On completion of our research you may order printed family tree charts in a variety of presentation styles.
If you have undertaken family history research independently of TSL, we can provide printed family tree charts derived from your own research results.
Charts are delivered as PDF* format files, sent by email or on CD, or as printed paper charts up to a maximum of ISO A1 size (594 x 841 mm, 23.39 x 33.11 ins), equivalent to ANSI D size (22.0 x 34.0 ins, 559 x 864 mm).
* PDF = Adobe Systems® "Portable Document Format"

House History Research
TSL can undertake to research the history of houses or other buildings,
and people associated with them, up to the mid 20th century.

Oral History
Transcription Services Ltd will transcribe audio recordings in English or French language, of memories or personal experiences collected, for example, as oral history research material by university history or sociology departments; for radio/television documentary broadcasting; or for magazine/book publication.  
We also transcribe audio recordings or notebooks of personal history, e.g. life story, memoirs or recollections, from English or French originals.


Personal Memoirs

TSL will be pleased to transcribe audio recordings or hand-written memoirs of your parents' or grandparents' personal recollections, their life story or their family history. Such a memoir, when suitably illustrated and bound in book form by your local publisher or using an on-line service, makes a gift that will be treasured.
Completed work is delivered as PDF* or Microsoft®Word files, in a format agreed with the client, sent by email or on CD.
* PDF = Adobe Systems® "Portable Document Format" 





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