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Digital Audio Transcription of Court Proceedings for the Legal Profession on the Isle of Man
Audio Transcription for Business and Local Government worldwide
With a well established team of transcribers to call upon, we offer a digital audio or copy transcription service that is fast and accurate. Send us your recording or dictation and we will deliver transcripts to your requirements.
For the Legal Profession on the Isle of Man we provide fast, accurate, high quality transcriptions of court proceedings, using FTR Gold software, from any media. Legal transcripts are verbatim, all spoken words are included but 'aah', 'er', 'mmm', and similar sounds are omitted. Other transcripts can be adjusted to suit client requirements.
Legal transcripts are delivered as printed hard copy or PDF* files. 
Other transcripts can be delivered as PDF* or Microsoft®Word files in a format agreed with the client, sent by email, on CD, or as printed paper hard copy.
Our standard turnaround time for transcripts is 5-10 working days from receipt of your tape or CD. An expedited service, offering completion within 48 hours of receipt, is available for an additional 20% premium.
An on-line digital transcription service is available for business and individual clients.
Alternatively, recorded micro-casettes may be mailed to us for transcription.
* PDF = Adobe Systems® "Portable Document Format"
TSL cannot presently undertake transcription of court hearings held in England & Wales, as we are not currently a member of the Tape Transcription Panel authorised by the Ministry of Justice to transcribe High Court and County Court proceedings in England and Wales. We hope to be in the future.
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