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Transcription and Translation of Old & Historic Documents
"reading the unreadable" 
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Transcription of old documents written in English, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch...
We also undertake archival research in the Isle of Man, the UK (Gloucester, London and The National Archives at Kew),
France (Charente & Brittany) and Italy (Rome & Venice).

Are you researching family history, local history, or the history of a building?
Do you need to read documents in English, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, German or Dutch?
Are you an archive or museum with manuscripts to be transcribed for publication?
Do you have copies of source materials but struggle to read them?
Would it all be so much simpler if you had an accurate typed transcript?

email to us a copy of your document and we will provide an estimate of cost.

Transcription Services Ltd offers professional palaeography services
for genealogists, family historians, local historians, archivists, researchers, writers and students.

We will accurately transcribe and/or translate your historic documents, records or manuscripts
(e.g. Wills, inventories, indentures, deeds, court records, letters, diaries)
written in English, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, German or Dutch of any period, from originals in any condition.
Experience of reading original documents at record offices, libraries, museums and other archives in England, Ireland, Canada and the USA enables us to transcribe your old documents written in English, from the 15th century onwards, including those in Secretary Hand of the Tudor & Stuart periods.
Where a phrase or paragraph written in Latin appears as part of a document written principally in English, we will do our best to correctly transcribe the Latin but it will not be translated into English except by prior agreement.
A common example of this is the probate clause or "probatum" (legal record of a Will having been proved at an Ecclesiastical Court) appended to the end of a Will that has been proved, shortly before the Will was copied into a Diocesan Register.

Dates (University of Hull, State Papers Project)
A specialist service is offered for deciphering, transcription and translation of old documents written in Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, German or Dutch of any period, including expansion of abbreviation and coherent literal translation into English. If you have documents written in other languages we will do our best to assist.
Inquisition Post Mortem
Feet of Fines
Fine Rolls
Close Rolls
Parish registers
Churchwardens' accts
Bishops' registers
Ecclesiastical Courts 
Letters & Memoirs
Diaries & Journals
Marriage settlements
Divorce proceedings
Family Bible record pages
Entail (in tail male)
Architectural drawings
Professional records
Service Records
Ships' Logs
Merchant Shipping
Court transcripts
Star Chamber interrogations
Unpublished manuscripts
India Office Library

TSL has been commissioned by the BRITISH LIBRARY
to provide transcripts of original manuscripts for their website
To explore the British Library's greatest literary treasures from the
Romantic and Victorian periods, click on the image above...
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If you have enquiries, comments, or would like us to quote for your documents, please Contact Us
You will appreciate that the time taken to transcribe a document depends heavily on the style and clarity of the script, the condition of the original document and the clarity of the reproduction image provided to us. Our estimates of cost for transcription/translation are based on the length and perceived difficulty of each document, so before we can provide a cost estimate we need to see a reproduction image of each document to be transcribed. Having given an estimate, we will attempt to keep within that amount whenever possible. 
What to send us:
With your enquiry please send, as an email attachment, a digital photographic image, high resolution scanned image, or .pdf* image of each document to be transcribed.
Do not send any unique original document to TSL.

IMPORTANT: when creating new images (i.e when not sending images supplied to you by others):

1. Please ensure that each image contains a complete document page, i.e. that edges of the document are included within the image. It is better that an image contain unnecessary space outside the border of the document than information within the border of the document be missing.

2. Digital photographs or scanned images ( .jpeg  .jpg  .tif  .tiff etc * ) are preferred because at TSL we can digitally enhanced these, making difficult text easier to read, whereas .pdf* images cannot be enhanced. We will of course accept .pdf images if nothing better is available.

3. When scanning a document please use the highest resolution you have available - 600 dpi (dots per inch) is good - to ensure the image conveys as much detail of the original document as possible.
For each document please supply a brief description, including:
♦ the name and location of the archive at which the original document is held, with their document description and reference number.
♦ a list of family names and place names believed to be associated with the document.

After reviewing your documents we will get back to you with a quote for transcription and/or translation, as appropriate.
Our preferred payment method is by Paypal. If this is convenient for you, a Paypal invoice will be sent to you on completion of the work.

What we supply:
TSL deliver will completed work as Microsoft®Word document .docx files, or PDF .pdf* files, or other format agreed with the client, sent by email or on CD.
JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) with filename extension .jpg or .jpeg is a commonly used method of digital file compression,
          popular because a file saved in JPEG format is of significantly smaller file size than an equivalent TIFF file.
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) with filename extension .tif or .tiff is the standard file format for printing and publishing.
PDF  (Portable Document Format) with filename extension .pdf is an industry standard document format introduced by Adobe Systems®.
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TSL also offer a reliable Family History Research Service
principally for families with ancestors originating in England,
Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man
please Contact Us for an estimate
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TSL Gift Vouchers may be purchased for presentation to friends or family as an aid to researching their family history or local history.
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The UK National Archives (Public Record Office) website provides typical
 examples of PCC Wills from 14th to 19th centuries that may be viewed free of charge.
These Wills illustrate writing styles in use during each century. 


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