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Restoration of Old, Faded or Damaged Photographs  
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faded and spotted outdoor
family group of 1877,
in need of restoration.
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Identification, preservation and restoration of old photographs is important for historians, biographers and genealogists.
A significant part of researching both Local History and Family History is locating contemporary photographs of people, places and things that relate to the project.  Photographs make the results of such work more interesting and accessible to others, while preserving for the future rare surviving illustrations of social history.  Succeeding generations will inherit not only a written history or family tree but also a unique photographic record.
Photo Restoration Service:
Inevitably some photographs will need restoration to rectify fading or physical damage. If left unrestored a negative or print may eventually become unrecoverable, denying future generations that vital visual link to their past.
Send us your faded, spotted, stained, scratched, torn or degraded photograph and we will bring it back to life, creating for you a restored image derived from negative, slide, print (black & white, sepia or colour) or photo album and preserving that image for the future. If you have such photos, don't delay, please take a look at your old family photographs now....
What to send us:
Original photographs should be sent to us protected against water damage in a rigid cardboard-backed sealed envelope, by recorded delivery or registered mail. We will evaluate each photo, giving you our opinion, recommendations and price quotes for different categories of restoration. Should you accept one of our quotes, payment in advance is required. If you have questions, please Contact Us.
What we will do:
On receipt of your quote acceptance we will scan each original photograph at high resolution, promptly returning your originals using a mailing method previously agreed with yourself.
We can restore photographs from negatives, slides or prints (black & white, sepia or colour).
We will not alter or harm your original photographs.
We are usually able to complete restoration work within a few days.
Restored images are supplied as high-quality digital images, saved in TIFF* or JPEG* format, or both, delivered on CD.
Smaller images may be delivered by email where file size permits.
We provide a fast, friendly, high-quality restoration service.
Photo Restoration Charges vary according to the nature of the restoration - these are typical:
 Typical Cost (includes scanning)
Light Restoration
(minor damage)
Correction of slight fading and/or removal of a few small scratches or spots. This does not include scratches or spots through the face of any person or subject, or through any area of fine detail.
Medium Restoration
(moderate damage)
Correction of more severe fading, spotting, scratching and/or tearing of the original print. This does not include scratches through the face of any person or subject, or through any area of fine detail.
Major Restoration
(excessive damage)
Restoration of a photograph where the image may be badly faded or the original print severely torn with areas missing. There may be scratches, spotting or missing areas through any part of the face of one person or subject, or through a single area of fine detail.
from £35.00
Major Restoration +
As for Restoration Category C but with damage to more than one person or subject and/or in several areas of fine detail, where a major rebuild of the original image is required. This restoration is suitable for flood-damaged photographs.
Please note: For flood-damaged photographs, written guarantees confirming that all traces of effluent and debris have been removed must accompany the original images. IF ANY IMAGE HAS BEEN SUBJECTED TO FLOOD, THIS INFORMATION MUST BE COMMUNICATED TO THE COMPANY BEFORE SENDING THE ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH.
from £50.00

TSL cannot supply hardcopy prints, please print your own or use a commercial printing service. 
We offer price discounts for larger quantities of similar work.
Postage and packaging may be charged for in addition to the quoted price.
To be placed in one of our restoration categories an image does not need to contain all the damage outlined above. Not all images will fit neatly into any one category. All restorations will be discussed with the client prior to work being started.
Many original images will benefit from some kind of cleaning before scanning. Water damaged photographs can often be cleansed and restored whilst preserving the original feel and media.
Light and shade can be used to increase the impact of a photograph. As in the darkroom, an image can be dodged and burned, the contrast increased or decreased. In the digital darkroom this process may be taken as far as the imagination allows.
The resolution of the restored image depends on the quality of the original, different resolutions being used for different levels of restoration. A badly damaged photo requires higher resolution so that the re-building of the image is more effective. Fade restoration requires lower resolution. 
The size of high resolution scanned files can be large and unsuitable for delivery by email.
File sizes would not normally be less than 25Mb and major restoration can require 50Mb files.
Delivery by CD is usually recommended.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) with filename extension .tif or .tiff is the standard file format for printing and publishing.
JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) with filename extension .jpg or .jpeg is a commonly used method of compression for digital photography, popular because a file saved in JPEG format is of significantly smaller file size than an equivalent TIFF file.
Digital Archiving - High Quality Scanning Service:
For those photographs not requiring restoration, it is still important they be scanned and their images saved, because all original photographs fade eventually and potentially could be lost for ever. A stored digital image will save your photographs for posterity, with the additional advantage of being able to easily produce prints of varying sizes when required. To meet this need we offer high-quality scanning of photos and documents for digital archiving.
If you have photographs printed on the smaller sizes of photo paper popular in the 1930s-1950s, these could be given a new life by our high resolution scanning service, then printed on larger paper sizes by yourself when required. 
Digital Archiving Scanning - Example Charges:
single scans 
multiple scans (e.g. scanning a collection of photographs) 
please ask for a quotation 
Burning scanned images to a CD 
£5.00 per CD 
For further information on any of these services, or if you have questions, please Contact Us

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typical "professional photographer" sepia portrait photo-cards of circa 1885-1900  (4 x 6.5ins or 2.5 x 4ins)
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